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Buzzz from the Hive

Beauty  is in the mouth of the beholder

The taste of honey varies from season to season and honey from different bee yards may produce different flavors.  I let the bees work their magic with the flowers and shrubs, the result is happiness and joy when people taste my honey. 

Spring honey is usually lighter than Fall honey and somewhat less sweet. Hives near knotweed or other wild shrubs may produce a very dark honey with far different overtones. Regardless, nearly everyone loves some kind of honey!

“This morning I cooked up a batch of buckwheat pancakes and I drizzled your honey over them. You have a premium delicious product! I’m sure I will be back for more.” 

          ~ Jonathan Deitch 


“Buddha’s Bees makes the number one honey in my tummy!” 

           ~ Antonette Fairbanks

"The official Honey of Seat of our Pants and the Bread Box”  

       ~ Carolyn Brodginski

            & Jeff Gorman

            Seat of Our Pants band 


"This must be the taste of enlightenment! Delicious! Keeps me happy from my tongue to my tapping toes." 

             ~ Ellen Iovino

                Sleepless Beauty

“Soothing in my teas, 

Smooth as can be, 

Truly missing out if you don’t have Buddha’s Bees! 

Delightfully rich 

Worth more than money, 

Stock up now on this delicious local Honey!” 

          ~ Lynn “JazzyGuitar" Tracey

             Sleepless Beauty

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