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Buddha's Bees Apiary Flavored Honey

 Our most popular honey has always been the all-natural Wildflower Honey.

 The Ultra Dark Honey is a Fall honey from bee yards that have a large amount on knotweed in the area. The bees love the small white flowers and they produce a dark, dark honey with an exquisite flavor. It's my personal favorite! 

  I've tried making infusions of natural honey using organic ingredients. My best results to date are Ginger, Cinnamon, and Hot Pepper. The Hot Pepper is made using dried Trinidad Scorpion Peppers: it's a dry hot, no sweat beading on your brow, that rolls gradually up your tongue with a sweet/hot combo.

   I also make a Smoked Honey using applewood chips in an electric smoker. 

  Our latest product is Bourbon Honey made by filling an oak barrel with 10-year old crafterd bourbon from Westford Hill Distillers. The wood soaks up the bourbon flavor. After a few months, the bourbon is decanted and the barrel filled with honey, which absorbs the delicious bourbon flavor. After a few months the honey is bottled in one-pound jars and 10.4oz flasks.

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